Here, we will introduce you to some of the original systems and services that we have developed here at Fusic. All were created with the customer's operating efficiency, functionality and operability in mind.

360 Multi-Survey Solutions

Providing support for the assessment and training of human resources from all angles.

This system, which is able to assess actions and processes from all angles, emphasizes the development of human resources.
Assessments are conducted from multiple perspectives, including those of the individual, colleagues, subordinates and bosses. Users can set the items for evaluation freely, and there are no restrictions on the assessment values.
The system is provided through ASP, meaning that it can help cut costs at the time of implementation and be used at a high level of security.


A virtual device (mock) that makes IoT development accelerate.

mockmock is a service in order to remove the restrictions of devices from IoT development. When you do the application’s operation or heavy workload test on IoT development, sometimes you cannot work smoothly because of “non-existent device” and “difficult to keep large number of device.” This service make a mock on Cloud, then deliver the simulation data to your using server. It differs to an actual device because you can create it immediately and use its number or operation as you like.

Sell-Well Net Advertising Creator (Ureru Net Advertising Tsukuru)

Dramatically improving the cost effectiveness of net advertising.

This tool dramatically increases the response to net advertising. Containing as standard the invaluable know-how of response wizard Leo Koichi Kato, we provide this tool according to the needs of customers by optimizing the necessary functions of net advertising, from the production of landing pages to the sending of follow-up mails.

hearcon ASP

Web questionnaire system that supports various question formats.

"Hearcon ASP" is a web questionnaire system that supports various question formats. It takes at least one week to provide online questionnaire after customers send questionnaire materials in file formats such as Excel. This system is secure. We handle data including personal information strictly.