Message from President

Has there ever been an era in which technology has developed so rapidly in human history?
On the other hand, does this world receive full benefits from this rapid development?
We are sure that technology can contribute more to society.
And we Fusic always want to be the bridge between this rapid development and society.

We believe that our mission as a technology company is to always keep our eyes out for
new technologies and social trends, to strive to understand customers’ issues to the fullest,
and to work together to maximize creativity.

In addition, we strongly value on “communication.”
There are a wide variety of management and technical issues that customers are facing, and of course, to solve their issues, it is necessary to communicate in a way that suits them.
We aim to achieve the goal of the project by forming teams depending on the phase and the content of the task and keeping in mind how to tell technology in a way that is easy to understand and how to break down major issues into solvable ones.

We will continue to drive further growth to become a company which is absolutely essential to society and to be a place where indispensable people for society can keep challenging.

代表取締役社長 納富貞嘉 取締役副社長 浜崎陽一郎