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Fusion of Society, IT and Culture.

At Fusic, we believe that systems cannot be constructed without proper communication with customers. In other words, this does not simply mean providing technologies; rather, they are also a product of communication based on different social environments and the cultural background of companies.

It is a widely known fact that the utilization of IT can play a major part in shaping a company’s development, but achieving this is no easy matter. Technologies in the IT field evolve on a daily basis, and there is an even more diverse array of technological options available to help solve problems. Therefore, success or failure can depend on the options and approaches that companies take.

Given these circumstances, in order to propose and implement the optimal options and approaches for our customers, we believe that success can only come by constantly keeping up with the latest technologies and social trends and using the insights gleaned from this to exert our creativity in any situation and understand the needs of customers to the maximum possible extent.

Our company’s name derives from our motto, “Fusion of Society, IT and Culture”. It is with this spirit that we strive to create systems in full communication with our customers. Put simply, we would have no reason to exist if we just listened to the customer and did as we were told. Rather, our strength lies in our ability to sit down with the customer and consider exactly what it is they need to achieve their goals through solution-oriented, unique proposals.

We hope to step up our efforts to become the kind of company that is needed by society and to act as a venue for developing the kinds of human resource that are in demand in society.

President Sadayoshi Noutomi Vice-president Yoichiro Hamasaki